Streetlights bring up the next leaders of Kypseli, of Athens, and of the world. Through Social Entrepreneurship, Youth Work, Arts and so much more Streetlights have a huge impact of the community of Kypseli. Streetlights accept hungrents of short term volunteers throughout the year, at the same time, we need volunteers and interns who would like to invest for long term. Would you like to join us?

Will I fit in Streetlights?

Our team is extremely diverse and we work in Kypseli, one of the most densely populated areas in Europe and at the same time one of the most diverse, with more than 60 different nationalities coming to live life together and the home of many Syrian and Afghan Refugees. English is our main language of communication but you will also be taught by the kids and teen some Greek, Albanian, Farsi, Arabic and so much more. We love music and we can be really loud sometimes but it is part of our culture. In our team we have three core values Respect, Hospitality, and Creativity. We want whatever we do to express them. Extroverts, introverts, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and so many more can find ways to serve in Streetlights. 

How long can I come for?

We encourage people to stay with us for more than 6 weeks. You will be travelling from another continent to be in Athens, it is important to have time to set roots and make Kypseli a place you can call home. If you are from the USA you can stay in Greece for 90 days.. If you want to stay longer you will have to apply for visa. If you wish to stay in Greece for longer than 90 days within a 180-day period, you should apply for a visa at Greek Embassy or Greek Consulate prior to your arrival in Greece.  Visas may be issued for property owners, students, employment, athletes, coaches, etc. More info click here (

What will I do in Athens?

It depends on your skills and interests. Streetlights programs and activities run Monday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm. Weekends are more relaxed. On some occasions we run special events like day-trips, rock nights or community festivals. We encourage people to be part of the community work for most of the day and then dedicate some hours on a passion project of theirs-maybe something connected with your studies. Journaling, devotions, and worshiping are part of our team’s routines.

This looks really good, but the must be some difficult part.

Yes, Kypseli is a very densely populated, so if you haven’t lived in a city, our neighborhood will look restless and chaotic to you. You will be working everyday with kids and teens that have been through trauma, war, PTSD, poverty, violence, neglect and so much more. At the same time Greece’s constitution prohibits converting minor so we must be really careful when working with kids and minors. St. Francis of Assisi once said: “Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words” and in Streetlights we love that but we understand it can be really frustrating for some people.