A very exciting campaign from Streetlights' leaders team


This is the first part of our rent fundraiser we aim to raise 6000€ 

Our resources come from universities, internships, partnerships & small social enterprises. Due to COVID-19, we expect most of them to be cancelled or postponed. As a result, we are not able to cover the rent of our main Streetlights hall, a place where we have all invested so much. This is an effort to cover the rent for the next 6 months.

Why is Streetlights main hall that important?
Through out the day toddlers with their parents, teenagers and young people have a place where they are welcome, and a number of services are provided like: daily lunch, Youth Cafe, sports, activities, foosball, billiard, crafts, group games, baking, English classes for refugee moms and vital leadership courses on Social enterprise, Faith and Management. Streetlights run Monday to Friday 12pm to 8pm serving more than 100 people daily.

Would you stand with us for the coming 6 months?

Help us raise 6000 € to secure Streetlights' main hall


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